Hello, new friend!


My name is Melinda and I was born and raised in Michigan. My love of photography started in my mid teens and quickly progressed during my college years while studying digital photography. I went to school out of state but quickly returned to my home roots in Michigan upon graduation. My dream was to become a wedding photographer, and now that I'm here I couldn't imagine not photographing weddings or being where I am today. I became a wife in June of 2016 and it was the greatest day of my entire life. It gave me a whole new perspective being on the opposing end of the camera and I hope every bride (and groom!) feels as beautiful as I felt on my wedding day.

The pleasant atmosphere that weddings provide gives me every reason to love capturing the moments and the details that are put forth for this one special day. With time being an important factor in wedding photography, I feel that it strengthens my ability to make sure I capture and create beautiful images.


Below are a few pictures of my personal life. Things I love such as traveling, my two dogs, and my husband.