Reed Family

Cindy and Randy came to me last year for a family session with their grandchildren. At the end of that session she informed me that they had another one due in a few months. She contacted me early this fall to set up another session so they can have photos with their newest granddaughter! I was so excited because these kids were so fun to work with last year that I knew it would be awesome to see them again! Through all the rescheduling due to weather and some of the kiddos being sick, we were finally able to make it work! And as expected, it was so great to see everyone again! They got so big in one year, makes documenting their time with their grandparents even more special. I was also starting to see a trend setting in, because at the end of the session, Cindy informed me that there was another little one on the way! Not only are they blessed with a bundle of grandchildren, but the kids are blessed with growing up with a bundle of cousins! So much love in this family and I love documenting it. Here's a look at some of my favorites!