Tisler Family

There's so much to say about this session, I'm not even sure where to start! This was the PERFECT way to end my 2016 sessions. We photographed on the *warmest* day we had in awhile (it was a high of 28 degrees) but it was the day after a snowfall and it made for an absolutely gorgeous setting. It was great to get the Tisler siblings together again. This time they were filled with so much exciting news! Heather & TJ are expecting their first born at the end of April and IT'S A GIRL! Derek & Brittany, who are long time friends of my husband and I, if you don't remember from a much previous blog, they are engaged! They have just under 6 months until they tie the knot! Cassie & Hailee are growing up SO fast - one of them is even old enough to drive, my goodness! I am proud of all of us for braving the freezing cold temperatures and for all of them for doing a fantastic job coordinating their outfits! Please enjoy my favorites from their session. I truly couldn't have asked for a better way to wrap up 2016!