Johnathon & Shannon

Photographed August 1, 2015
Ceremony | St. Joseph Catholic Church
Reception | Sleepy Hollow Hideaway
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Johnathon & Shannon were married at St. Joseph Catholic Church and continued their celebration at a hunting lodge called Sleepy Hollow Hideaway in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. They wanted a rustic feel for their wedding where they could use her parent's vegetables grown in their garden and have her cousin's flowers. They tried to include family and their own resources as much as possible.

Shannon caught my eye on A few emails and text messages later we ended up on our first date in downtown Mountain View having a drink, geocaching, and filling up on cheap Mediterranean food. Before you knew it, I was inviting her to meet my family in Idaho. We had been dating for seven months, and I was already in love with her. On the drive back while in Winnemucca, she turned her Claddagh Ring over which was a monumental event because it meant her heart was taken by me. Everytime I go see my family in Idaho I drive to where that happened to remember that day.

Early on in our relationship (second date) I jokingly told Shannon that I could take her for a helicopter ride since I work in aviation and took her on a tour of my air station. She took that as a serious offer, when I was thinking about how I would propose I remembered my promise. Over a long weekend I told Shannon I had a surprise for her South of San Francisco. We drove to Long Beach, where I had a helicopter charter fly us to Catalina Island. We spent our engagement weekend scuba diving, zip lining and enjoying our ocean front room on the beach.